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Our services

We bring our claims-legal experts to your claims needs.

We bring a unique brand of consulting to your claims needs.  Rather than the usual consulting role of "kicking the bricks"; providing a cost-to-complete estimate; or monitoring the completion of your project, we roll up our sleeves to man your desks.  Bring us your claim files, big and small.  We can handle the claims and audit the files of others.

We offer consulting for:

  • Short-term desk relief.
  • Long-term desk relief.
  • Your desk or ours.
  • We can assist with litigation management.
  • Subrogation and Salvage - ask us about our expertise with "Arnold Claims"
  • If your company finds itself in tribal court, we've got a built-in solution for that, too.  Legal representation in Indian country              <============>

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